Resident Evil: Retribution

Saw the latest Resident Evil movie this afternoon.  I’m a fan of the series, even if they aren’t the best movies ever made.  They’ve got plenty of over-the-top action, crazy mutant zombies and an evil corporation run by an insane A.I. trying to wipe out humanity.  Sounds like a great RPG campaign to me.  And I kind of like Milla Jovovich, too.

A few spoilers ensue:

This latest installment is basically a dungeon crawl, with Alice (captured at the end of the last film, we find out) trying to get out of an Umbrella facility located in an old Soviet submarine base under a frozen bay in Kamchatka.  Umbrella expanded the facility to create test environments for their bio weapons.  As they try to escape you get the usual gang of mutant zombies trying to kill everyone, even some zombies that can drive cars and shoot guns (because ‘normal’ mutant zombies aren’t dangerous enough, I guess).

A lot of familiar faces show up in this movie because, apparently, many of the Umbrella employees we’ve seen in the last 3 movies were clones.  I like that plot development…it allows them to keep bringing back familiar faces and they can come back as friends or enemies, depending on how they’re programmed (and the needs of the plot, of course).  And while I’m not terribly familiar with the computer game series, I did recognize a few characters from ads I’ve seen that are introduced in Retribution.

Note that there are no post-credit clips at the end, so no need to sit through them when the movie ends.

So, if you liked any of the previous three RE movies, you should like this one, too.  If you can’t stand the series, well, you aren’t going to like this one either.  Cheers!


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