The Vampire Ships

These lone, nomadic ships comprise the last vestiges of the great Vampire race.  After the fall of their interstellar empire, the last vampire survivors took the stars, traversing the void to escape destruction and seek out…nutrition.  They’ve been doing it so long they’ve become a thing of legend, scary stories mothers tell their children to make them behave.  But they are quite real.

Their tramp ships, many of which are centuries old (and showing it) move through deep space, away from the core systems and heavily trafficked starlanes.  Many pose as simple space merchants; others adopt no pretense, falling upon their prey as reavers and butchers.  They seek out isolated outposts and colonies, depleting them over the course of days or weeks, moving on to the next system when sated.  They sometimes discretely visit core systems, but rarely stay long for fear of detection.

A typical ship supports between one and two dozen vampires; more than that and the small outposts they prey upon would not sustain them.  A ship may also have a few dozen prisoners as well, provisions for their long, lonely sojourn.

Vampires prefer their own company between the stars, staking out an area of the ship as their territory and rarely socializing with the others except to perform critical functions, defend the ship or ‘harvest’ an outpost.  They’ve collected various trinkets and relics over the centuries, souvenirs from lost ages and civilizations, no doubt worth fortunes to the right people.

Contrary to legend, vampires cannot ‘convert’ people; they are a seperate species.  They may pass for any number of humanoid races, including the breed called Terrans (alt Earthlings).  Sunlight, silver, holy symbols…forget all that rubbish.  If you board a vampire ship bring lots of really big guns…and a pair of cast iron balls.


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