Deep Space Mining & Salvage Co., S.C.E.

Ready for space adventure?  Then join the Deep Space Mining & Salvage Company (S.C.E.)

Moisture farming got you down?  Interstellar crime syndicates on your tail?  Want to see the galaxy and make a killing while you’re at it?  Then join our team of motivated, professional Salvage Associates and get ready for a galaxy of adventure!

We provide all the training and equipment you need to succeed.  We’ll even set up exciting and profitable assignments for you.  All you need to do is show up, make money and have fun!1

DSM&S Co. is a Sovereign Corporate Entity (S.C.E.), meaning that in deep space you can do pretty much anything you want.  Really.  You’ll have unfettered salvage rights for any ships or technology you encounter; unrestricted mining rights for billions of unclaimed worlds just waiting to be strip mined; and first contact trade rights with any alien species you discover.  And if one of our competitors tries to horn in on your action, you can legally blow them out of space!2

“Wait,” you’re saying.  “I don’t have a spaceship.  How can I take advantage of this spectacular opportunity?”  Don’t worry, we’ll provide a spaceship for you.3  You and your hand picked team of salvage professionals will be outfitted with a basic ship which you can gradually modify and improve as you prosper.  Your ship will come with everything you need to spend months and months4 at a time exploring deep space, making lots of money.  It even comes with its own A.I. personality matrix.  It’ll handle all the boring stuff, like maintenance or selling all that sweet space swag you’re going to find, so that you don’t have to.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today and explore the galaxy, meet strange new life forms and exploit them for fun and profit!

1Fun is entirely subjective and not in any way guaranteed.  There is a small but real possibility of death from explosive decompression, asphyxiation, radiation poisoning, xenological encounters, laser burn, coworker violence or other unforeseeable events; a reasonable person might not consider such events to be “fun.”

2Applicable only in deep space.  While in civilized space all rules, regulations and laws apply.  Any employees, agents or contractors of the Omnitech Corporation encountered in deep space should be terminated on sight.

3Additional charges and fees may apply.

4Deep space tours may last up to 12 months at a time.  DSM&S Co., and its affiliates, are not in any way liable or responsible for instances of space madness or other psychological maladies or afflictions incurred by associates while on extended assignment in deep space.


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