Reaper Bones Kick Starter

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Many of you may have already heard about the Kick Starter project Reaper Miniatures is doing for their Bones line of plastic minis, but I’m going to flog it anyways if only for my own selfish purposes.  You see, they’ve blown all their stretch goals out of the water, and each time they do they add a few more minis, or options for minis, to the project.  If you’ve got a hundred bucks you can spare, Vampire level nets you around 93 miniatures (so far).  They’ve got 20 days to go, so it’s conceivable it could be 100 minis or more for Vampire level by then…that’s a dollar a mini, a great price even for plastic.

So head on over and make a pledge so we can all get some great, inexpensive minis. 🙂  Cheers!


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One Response to “Reaper Bones Kick Starter”

  1. David Jenks Says:

    “I’m going to flog it anyways”


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