Ultimate Grand Unified Junk Table – Analog Edition

Just for fun I made a post-apocalypse junk loot table based off of the Critical Hits Junkulator Grand Unified Junk Table, which combines the junk loots from all the various editions of Gamma World into one very awesome online junk generator.  I undertook to fill out their consolidated list of junk loots to an even 1,000 items (d1000).

However, after sorting the Grand Unified Junk Table I found a lot of duplicate entries.  There were also several entries that, while not exact duplicates, were definitely redundant.  So, I’ve cleaned up the list, sorted it alphabetically, pared back most of the fluff text, added a bunch of new items and added random quantities for many of them.

I present to you the Ultimate Grand Unified Junk Table, the most complete junk look table in the world (so far as I know 😉 ).  Still, I need to find a way to get this into an electronic format, because the Junkulator is just so damned cool and easy to use, even if it’s not as complete.


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