Deathlands – post apocalypse RPG inspiration

Anyone out there ever read any of the Deathlands books by James Axler*?  They’re a series of pulpy ‘mens adventure’ books about a group that travels around post-apocalypse America (and sometimes other countries) getting into and out of trouble.  It’s not crazy gonzo like Gamma World (or Fallout even), but has plenty of mutants and advanced “pre-Dark” technology, including a matter transmitting system they use to teleport from one redoubt (aka Vault) to another.  They encounter a lot of weird stuff along the way (and usually kill it).

We’re not talking great literature here, but IMO the series serves as an excellent source of inspiration for almost any kind of post-apoclypse RPG game.

Note:  There was also a crappy SyFy movie based on the Deathlands (starring Tracy Lords, lol).  It was decent, if you like cheesy B-movies.

*It appears there are a number of authors in the series, something I didn’t realize until just know.  All the books say James Axler on them, though…maybe that’s just a pen name?


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