Diablo III Tips

Well, I’m still firmly in the grip of Diablo III.  I was going to write up a Medicus class using the PFBB format, but frankly haven’t been in the mood to do it.  Instead, I’m talking about my current addiction.

So,  a few helpfu tips:

  • Don’t bother leveling up the Blacksmith, it’s waste of gold.  You’d be better off saving your gold and buying the gear you need from the Auction House rather then spending it all on the BS and then ‘rolling the dice’ on crafted gear, only to get something you can’t really use.
  • As the BS is nearly useless, don’t bother salvaging your blues and yellows.  If they’re good, try selling them on the AH, otherwise just vendor them and use the gold to buy the gear you need.
  • The Jeweler, however, is worth the expense of leveling, if only for the convenience of combining looted gems (though probably not profitable to combine gems for sale on the Auction House).  The jeweler also costs much less gold to level up.
  • I also recommend using ‘elective mode’ for your skills.  Go to Options -> Gamplay  -> then check the ‘elective’ box.  This allows you to set any skill to any slot.  It also allows you to have more than one skill from any given category.  For example, you could have 2 or more defense skills, or 2 or more primary skills, etc.  It’ll come in very handy if you play at Nightmare (or higher) difficulty.



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