More thoughts on a science-fantasy setting

While I wait for Diablo to install, here are a few more thoughts/ideas building on my previous post:

  • You own a small spaceship roughly the size of a skyscraper.  You control the bridge, some living quarters and maybe parts of engineering or life support.  You have no idea what, or who, is in the rest of the ship, so you’d better find out.  Remember to pack a lunch and your blast gun (just in case).  Oh, and the ship is probably haunted, too.
  • Your chief engineer may be a witch doctor (ignore his zombie interns…at least they work for free).  His engineering rituals help stabilize your ship’s Damnation Drive.  That’s right, your ship is powered by a small slice of Hell.  You really don’t want that core to breach.  And don’t worry if your witch doctor/engineer is turning a little zombie himself.  It’s an occupational hazard, and besides it has it’s benefits.
  • The Church of Space & Time tries to hold back the growing darkness by spreading faith and enlightenment.  But where knowledge and learning fail, the Paladins are more than happy to fill the gap with laser swords and hand-flamers.  A little napalm can work wonders under the right conditions.
  • Tech Barbarians roam the galaxy, fighting as mercenaries and bodyguards or searching for the ancient Old Tech relics of their ancestors, from before the Sorce Wars.  They are deeply suspicious of sorce, but enthusiastically embrace Old Tech, like blast guns and power shields.
  • What is sorce?  It’s an inexhaustible supply of mysterious power, a kind of ‘force’ if you will, which binds, penetrates and connects all matter in the universe.  A few rare individuals, called sorcerers, have learned, through sheer willpower and intense rote memorization, how to harness sorce for their own ends.  Granted, they no longer understand the principles behind sorce, but they do know that if you perform certain incantations and hand motions a predictable result occurs (well, most of the time).
  • If you’re injured in your travels around the galaxy, you may employ the services of a Medicus, who can wield strong Medicine to heal you.  Be warned, though, that many superstitious peasants view Medicine as an evil form of magic and may burn the Medicus, and you, at the stake, or throw you into a disintegration pod, or feed you to a baby Space Kraken…well, you get the idea.
  • In your journeys, don’t forget to visit the mysterious Tomb Worlds, or the burnt out ruins of the Shire Worlds or the beautiful Death Jungles of Karaga V.  There are uncountable numbers of abandoned facilities, space stations and derelict spaceships to explore as well, all potentially teaming with glorious wealth and Old Tech relics.  Such fun!



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3 Responses to “More thoughts on a science-fantasy setting”

  1. Pat Says:

    Sounds awesome. Go for it! I like the idea of a spaceship you don’t fully control.

  2. Jesse Rodriguez Says:

    I really like these ideas. Sounds for a fun game with lots of possibilities. What rules system would you use to run it?

    • edowar Says:

      Thanks. Half of me wants to use the Pathfinder Beginner Box and half of me wants to make up my own homebrew Franken-system, a mish-mash of different iterations of OD&D and 3E.

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