Pathfinder Online Kickstarter

I’m a little late with this, so most of you probably already know…but what the heck.  There’s a new Kickstarter to make a ‘Pathfinder Online Technology Demo,’ which has already surpassed it’s $50,000 goal by nearly 50% (and with 27 days left to go).  The technology demo will allow them to show off the game’s mechanics to potential investors.

I have to say that what Goblinworks is proposing for Pathfinder Online sounds really amazing, if they can pull it off.  Sandbox MMOs are pretty rare these days.  However, I’ve already given to a lot of Kickstarter projects lately so, in light of the fact that they’ve already exceeded their goal, I’ll take a pass on this one.  But maybe some of you would like to pitch in.  I wish them the best of luck.


Paizo Publishing’s Community Use Policy


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