…No Bloody Heroes

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So, building on yesterday’s post about the One Page Campaign, I worked up a variant of Searchers of the Unknown that I’d use for such a game.  There are a number of minor differences, but the biggest difference is that I did away with hit points.  Harkening back to the days of Chainmail, a character can take a number of ‘hits’ equal to their Hit Dice (well, PCs actually get one extra ‘hit-to-kill,’ plus a roll to avoid death).  I went with this approach because I wanted something that was even easier to run and keep track off, and it makes it a lot easier to convert monsters from just about any D&D source out there…so easy you can literally do it on the spur of the moment.

The concept is that the PCs aren’t Big Damn Heroes, the Chosen Ones born under the sign of the shooting star…or whatever.  They’re just peasants who decided that dungeon delving was a better way to make a living than shoveling pig crap, or dying in some noble’s petty war.  Thus, it is assumed that the PCs are illiterate rogues (though not rogues in the ‘thief’ sense) armed with weapons you’d find lying around the farm, though they can upgrade to better stuff.  And maybe they picked up some rusty chainmail off a dead soldier somewhere.

Oh, and another great thing about one-page rpg rules that comes to mind, is that you can print them on the back of the character sheets.  That way, everyone has a set of the rules handy for immediate reference.

Note:  I totally stole part of the XP rules from Swords of Minaria.


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One Response to “…No Bloody Heroes”

  1. sean wills Says:

    Nice – I like the Chainmaily HD instead of HP rule 🙂

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