The One-Page Campaign

I’ve been musing over the concept of a one-page campaign.  The idea is to use a one-page rpg as your core rules, something like Nicolas Dessaux’s Searchers of the Unknown, and then populate the campaign setting using choice entries from the One Page Dungeon Contest.  You’ve got 60 dungeon choices (so far) for 2012 alone, plus at least a hundred more combined from 2009, 2010 and 2011!  And if that isn’t enough, use one of the many fine random dungeon generators available online (some of them even populate the dungeon for you).

One of the nice things about the One Page Dungeon contest is that the monsters are not statted out, so it’s easy to incorporate them into any system.  All you’d need to do is assign each dungeon a difficulty level, make a note of it and create a hex map plotting the location of each dungeon as the players explore the world (with a few towns and other POIs as well).  Keep everything in plastic sleeves in a single three ring binder, and  you’d be set for years of gaming.



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