Revised Consolidated Class Conversions for the Beginner Box

Well, with inspiration and help from my readers I got my act together and corrected (I think/hope) all the legal stuff that had to be corrected on the PFBB Consolidated Class Conversion PDF.  I’m 99% confident I got it right this time, but if anyone notices something wrong in the OGL, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know.

Next up is the consolidated feats PDF and then a consolidated PFBB beastiary PDF.  I won’t be doing this for each and every PDF as I had before, as that would simply be too much work and there are other things I’d like to do with my time. 😉

Thanks again for your help, and with no further ado….

PFBB Class Conversion (PDF version)

PFBB Class Conversion (RTF version)

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8 Responses to “Revised Consolidated Class Conversions for the Beginner Box”

  1. thebabblingbane Says:

    It passes with my basic understanding of the OGL and CUP (assuming you registered: I believe a similar OGL with your blog listed in the Section 15 and it registered with the CUP would suffice to keep doing what you have been doing too, assuming if you used any other sources later, you would have to site them too. Just a thought. But for the PDF/RTF release, I think it is square, but I am not an IP lawyer, or any lawyer for that matter.

    Really glad you did this!


    • edowar Says:

      I just registered my blog at Paizo. I’m not clear on whether an OGL is required for the blog itself. If you have a link to anything that says it’s required I’d appreciate if you could provide it. As this blog isn’t exclusively about the Pathfinder RPG or 3E, I’d just as soon not have it up there, unless required to do so.

      Thanks again for your help.

      • thebabblingbane Says:

        I think, and I am not an expert, that you would have to either have a site wide OGL with DoPI statements for which posts where not covered by the OGL, or put an OGL on each post that is/uses OGL material with that post in the section 15.

        The easiest thing probably to do is have a site wide OGL with an DoPI to the effect that all posts within your blog are Product Identity, unless stated otherwise. Then do like they do in the SRD and put the OGL Section 15 tag at the bottom of the posts that you use the OGL.

        I think there are a myriad of ways to skin the cat with a not-for-profit fan based blog, but again I may be way off base.

        Like with my OGL statement, I honestly don’t care how/what anyone uses from my blog. Use it, but since it is OGL they have to use an OGL and site my blog in it. I think of it more of a CC Attribute license thing, and feel that is fair. But I would like to keep the characters, setting titles, names, and such, as my own. I don’t want someone else using the setting name; Ukarea, for example.

        Hope that helps. Again don’t take what I say as any type of expert advise. I would call that Paizo contact and ask. Shoot, I would love to talk to them as well, if I had the number.


  2. Announcement Po… « The Banes Blog Says:

    […] Post: EdOWar has updated his OGL/CUP for his Consolidated Class Conversions for the Pathfinder Beginner Box and he has graciously permitted me to host the PDF here as well (see Downloads at the bottom right […]

    • thebabblingbane Says:

      How do I put a trackback like this on my post pointing here? WordPress is harder than the OGL I think!

      • edowar Says:

        I think it’s:

        Dashboard -> Settings -> Discussion -> Default Article Settings

        Then check off the box for “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)” Should be the second box from the top.

  3. iamrebis Says:

    Ed, I’m considering going into the 3rd party Adventure Module business. I’m now friends with an incredible artist and several amazing mapmakers. If I did go this route, I’d want to put out adventures for Pathfinder and also modify them for PFBB, which is where you come in.
    If I want to use anything other than Human, Dwarf, Elf, Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard, Barbarian, I’d need to use your adapted work.
    Do you have any idea if this is even allowable under Paizo OGL rules, and would you have anything against it?
    Obviously, you’d recieve full credit.

    • edowar Says:

      Personally I’d be honored if others used anything I wrote. However, I’m not sure what Paizo’s position is on the PFBB and 3rd party publishers. I seem to recall a thread in the BB forums at that briefly touched on the issue, but I don’t recall the thread’s title. I suppose you could always just ask Paizo flat out if it would be okay to write material for the BB.

      I do know that they view the BB as a starter product, with the goal of eventually transitioning players to the Core rules. They have stated many times that they don’t wish to split their player base. But, as I said, I have no idea where 3rd party publishers stand in relation to that business strategy.

      Hope this helps you, and good luck in your endeavours!

      P.S.: Technically you don’t need to use my work, if you don’t want to (though you are certainly welcome to). You could always do your own class conversions, with your own interpretations and tweaks.

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