Metamorphosis Alpha Kickstarter

Just announced is a new Kickstarter project for the next version of James Ward’s Metamorphosis Alpha.  For those who may not know, MA is one of the earliest (maybe the earliest) sci-fi role-playing games, and the progenitor of Gamma World.

I don’t know much about the System 26 mechanics they’ll be using for this version of MA, but they claim it’ll be an easy-to-use dice pool mechanic that allows for quick character creation.  If the system lives up to that hype then it sounds good to me.

On a personal note, maybe this will be the system that gets my Pathfinder group to try a bit of the old school gaming I like.  /fingerscrossed

So, if you’re a fan of MA or Gamma World, you may want to give it a look.  Cheers.


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