Dungeon Dice – Take 2

Dungeon Dice fighter character sheet

I’ve taken the original Dungeon Dice character sheet and broke it out into three separate characters sheets, one for each class.  Focusing on only the rules needed for each specific class opens up a lot of space for additional material (as you can see above with the fighter character sheet).  It also makes it easier to add new classes to the game in the future.

Though as you can see, I still couldn’t fit the spells onto the character sheet, so there will be a separate spell sheet for anyone interested in spell casting.  Technically any class can cast a spell, but wizards will be far superior at it, to the point where most fighters and thieves probably won’t bother with such vile sorcery.

The GM will have a separate sheet, similar to the character sheets, for the monster dice pools.  The GM sheet will also elaborate on some of the game concepts and the rules for monster traits.

Of course, I’m still thinking through some of the game’s concepts and everything is subject to revision.  I’ll post more on it in a bit.

Here’s the fighter character sheet for anyone who’d like to take a closer look at it.


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