Ravenbow’s PFBB Character Sheet

Ravenbow has made a neat little character sheet which I think can be easier for more experience gamers to use.  I like that all the really pertinent information is towards the top of the sheet and easy to find.  And it all fits on a single page.

Here’s the link if you want to download it:  Ravenbow’s PFBB Character Sheet

And here’s a link to Ravenbow’s blog.  It looks like it’s a new blog, but it seems to me to be off to a good start.


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7 Responses to “Ravenbow’s PFBB Character Sheet”

  1. Tiorn Says:

    Caught an error on it.

    Skills > Stealth > listed INT as the related ability… its a DEX skill.

    Other than that (I didn’t notice anything else), it looks good. Will there be a page 2 for equipment, spells (if applicable), etc?

  2. ravenbow Says:

    I am currently at work and do not have access to the master file to make the change. Thanks for the catch. I actually thought I changed that already.

    I will update the sheet this evening.

    As far as a page 2, I had not given it much thought. My players use blank index cards for equipment or the back of their sheets. Spells, valuable treasure, and magic items I print out like item cards from Paizo Game Mastery Decks but on index cards.

    If a page 2 is shown enough interest I will gladly make something up. What specifically would you like it to include?

    • Tiorn Says:

      Not looking for anything in particular. I like the idea of index cards as well, along with just writing equipment and what-not on the back. I don’t think there was anything really even slightly mechanical about page 2 of the Paizo made sheets for the BB anyhow. I just thought a slightly uniform look for that stuff would be an option worth considering.

  3. ravenbow Says:

    To EdoWar, thanks for the nod and posting of my sheet. Your site already has a quality following and mine is only a week old, so the increased visibility is greatly appreciated.

  4. ravenbow Says:

    I have posted an updated (corrected) character sheet on my blog.

    The direct link to the file is http://www.mediafire.com/?aimnohs62oecdhc

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