The Goblin Warrens

Map subject to change!


Here’s a sample map (as yet unkeyed) for the first part of the PFBB megadungeon project:  The Goblin Warrens.  The Warrens are set on the outskirts of as yet unnamed city ruins, so will be one of the first places the party encounters in the megadungeon.

This area consists of a jumble of ruined buildings, where all that’s left are crude stone walls.  The walls are roughly 5-6 feet high, and the goblins have become quite adept at scrabbling up them and using them as high ground against intruders.  From the tops of the ruined walls they rain down stones, spears, arrows, even their own feces, upon invaders.  It is assumed that the party will approach from the south, though they can attempt to enter from the flanks.

You’ll also note a number of crude traps and barricades, serving more as obstacles to slow down attackers than anything else.  The little black circles around the map are goblin holes, all connecting to a dense network of small tunnels (just about goblin sized–a tight fit for most PCs) that they can use to quickly move about the Warrens unseen.  The goblin’s suicide-bombing dire rat pets also use the tunnels, along with some unwanted house guests on occassion.

The goblins have a natural enemy elsewhere in the ruins…the Orcs!  They two tribes fight over an area rich in salvage called No Wunz Landz (working title–both areas to be mapped later).

I’ll probably use the Goblin Warrens as my entry into the One Page Dungeon contest this year as well.  I doubt I’ll win, but it’ll be fun and I’ve always wanted to make a submission.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.  Cheers.


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4 Responses to “The Goblin Warrens”

  1. Nick Says:

    I like the art. It’s simple, clear and definitely old school. It’s a nice beginning for a megadungeon, too, as there is the background story of goblins vs orcs war that you ca build a lot around it. Nice stuff!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What program did you use to prepare it?

  3. edowar Says:

    I used Dungeonographer.

    There’s a free web-based version and a ‘professional’ version you can buy and download.

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