Dungeon Dice

I’ve had this idea for a simple little dungeon bashing game burning in my head for a couple of weeks now.  Wasn’t sure on the best way to proceed, but I think I finally have a handle on it.

The game uses a dice pool mechanic, and draws inspiration from games like Shadowrun, Tunnels and Trolls and Crom.  What follows is only a rough draft, and incomplete at that.  What’s missing is the GM’s half of the game, and the spells.  I’m still working on the Player’s Sheet, as I’d like to incorporate everything a player needs on one sheet (including all the spells).  But this kinds of gives you an idea of where I’m heading with this.

The GM rolls Monster Dice for the monsters, dividing them between Action, Combat and Magic (just as the PCs do).  Each point of damage reduces Monster Dice, until they’re all gone (or the monsters flee for their lives!)  However, each turn the PCs spend in the dungeon, the GM adds a dice to a Threat Pool, which the GM may draw upon to add reinforcements for monsters in the middle of a fight, or to ambush the party as they explore the dungeon.

Anyways, here’s the player’s sheet if you’re interested:  Dungeon Dice Player’s Sheet



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One Response to “Dungeon Dice”

  1. thebabblingbane Says:

    Sounds interesting, can’t wait to hear more…

    The Bane

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