PFBB Consolidated Feats

Following is the (hopefully) final version of the consolidated feats for the Pathfinder Beginner Box class conversions.  This includes all the feats from the Heroes Handbook and the player’s supplement that Paizo put out.

Please let me know if you have any questions or notice any errors.  Many thanks.

PFBB Consolidated Feats (corrected title)

PFBB Consolidated Feats (rtf version)


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3 Responses to “PFBB Consolidated Feats”

  1. ravenbow Says:

    This is great. I like copying and pasting these into the new character classes I am designing so I am slowly converting all these into rtf format for easy reformatting.

    I wanted to let you know you titled it CONSLIDATED FEATS. It is missing the O. /shrug.

    • edowar Says:

      Doh! No matter how hard I try to get it perfect, some little thing like that slips through.

      I’ll post an .rtf version for you, if that helps (and I’ll even correct the title, lol).


  2. ravenbow Says:

    Thank you very, very much.

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