PFBB Beastiary: Giant Vermin

These monster conversions were submitted by one of my readers, David Jenks.  They are the Giant Amoeba, Giant Fly and Giant Maggot and I have to say they look pretty good.  Can’t wait to pester some PCs with a swarm of giant flies. 🙂

Something else David did was exclude redundant verbiage for abilities, instead substituting a page number where the information can be found.  Given the limitations of the 3×5 index card format, I think this is generally a good idea, especially for more complex abilities that require a lot of space.  However, if there is room to list out an ability on the monster card, I think it’s best to do so (saves the GM a little time).

So, here it is:  Giant Vermin (by David Jenks)

Edit:  I’m working on the consolidated Feats list, including all those from the Heroes Handbook and the supplement Paizo put out.  Hope to have it up later today, or maybe tomorrow at the latest.


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2 Responses to “PFBB Beastiary: Giant Vermin”

  1. David Jenks Says:

    I intend to do more conversions, now that I can see how easy it is to do them.

    To reduce duplication of efforts, I’ll try to let you (Ed, and the blog community) know what I intend to stat out. I also hope to stick to a “theme” of some sort, 3 critters that have something in common if possible.

    The easy ones will certainly be first. 😉

  2. edowar Says:

    I usually try to use a theme as well, when I’m doing monster conversions. Look forward to what you come up with.


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