More thoughts on a PFBB megadungeon

I’ve been giving the megadungeon idea some more thought and here’s where I’m at so far:

1) I think it’ll just be a regular, ongoing feature on this blog, rather than starting a dedicated blog for it elsewhere.  I’m always in need of regular content anyways, so I think it’s better to not split my focus.

2) Traditional megadungeons stack vertically, one level on top of another, with some branching sub-levels.  I think, however, for this project I’ll take my cue from Barrowmaze and go with a horizontal style dungeon.  Caves of Chaos used a similar approach, though probably not nearly as large.  Maybe I’ll use city ruins as a theme, interspersed with a few subterrainian sections, such as sewers and catacombs.

3) It will be modular in design, constructed in easily digested bits (for me).  This does create problems if the players want to wander off into the ‘gray misty’ (i.e. not yet finished) parts of the dungeon, but it does have a number of advantages.  A modular design allows GMs to mix and match the sections they like as they see fit.  Don’t like that section with the militant kobolds?  Ditch it, or move it to another part of the dungeon (a horizontal layout helps with this too).  Also, each section of the dungeon could be taken separately and run as a one-off adventure, if desired.

4) The mapped size of each section will not exceed the number of squares (24×30) for the blank side of the map that comes with the Beginner Box, to make it easier for GMs to draw out the dungeon for their players, if so desired (of course, in old school D&D, players had to map the dungeon on their own).

5) It will draw largely from existing resources in the BB, though naturally I’ll add new monsters and magic items as needed.  Maybe what I’ll do is add one new monster and magic item for each section of the dungeon?

Note that this project will be more involved than the class conversions, so instead of one installment a week, it might be more like one or two per month.  I’ll have to see how it goes.

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, feel free to comment.  Cheers.



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7 Responses to “More thoughts on a PFBB megadungeon”

  1. David Jenks Says:

    [b]”in old school D&D, players had to map the dungeon on their own”[/b]

    This. A thousand times this.

  2. Tiorn Says:

    I was just thinking that PFBB d20 srd site would be cool.

  3. David Jenks Says:

    –> “Maybe I’ll use city ruins as a theme, interspersed with a few subterrainian sections, such as sewers and catacombs.”

    After watching the most recent Prometheus trailer, I’m gonna suggest a city of something NOT HUMAN as a change of pace.

    • edowar Says:

      Oooo, that’s a good idea! And since it’s ‘not human’ it lets you do all kinds of weird, gonzo stuff. I like that.


      • David Jenks Says:

        Now, see, when I say ‘not human” I mean ‘not friendly to humanoid life’…..threatening and even deadly, like Prometheus/Alien.

        But I imagine it’d be challenging to design something like that for low-level characters.

        Then again, maybe not…horror/suspense films WANT you to feel safe at the beginning, and as you approach the heart of, say, the queen’s nest….all hell breaks loose. Similar to your concept of a horizontal dungeon… 😉

        I look forward to your idea of a huge, danger-riddled, forgotten city….that was populated by THINGS not friendly to sentient beings!

        :: grabs Lovecraft book ::

  4. edowar Says:

    I like the idea you have here. The outskirts of the forgotten city have your standard monsterous fare. Maybe that is where the alien’s used to house their human slaves, long ago. But now tribes of orcs and goblins live there in the ruins, though they’re careful to never venture too deep into the city.

    But as you penetrate deeper into the city you start seeing more and more alien ‘weirdness.’ First you run into cultists, perhaps, but then deeper in you start to see things that ‘man was not meant to see.’ The architecture is increasingly alien, weird inhuman statues, alien gardens. And the heart of the city holds the greatest evil of all….whatever that turns out to be.


  5. David Jenks Says:

    Sell this on DriveThruRPG / RPGNow.


    SELL IT.

    You deserve money for it.

    I’ll pay you hard, cold digital currency to see something like this written out. This type of product hits me right in my (sinister) pleasure centers….and wallet.

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