Sword & Shield Skirmish

Anyone interested in the light RPG Sword & Shield might be interested to know there’s a skirmish version out now.  It’s a very rules-light wargame that could easily be converted to an RPG or even a Hero Quest style dungeon bashing boardgame.  One player controls the adventurers and the other controls the monsters.

Despite the similar name, it actually uses a different mechanic to resolve combat.  You simply roll a d6 (sometimes more than one) equal to or under a model’s ability score.  For example, if you character has a Fight score of 4, you need to roll a 4 or less on 1d6 to hit your target.  Targets get a similar armor save roll to avoid a grisly fate.

I’m not a fan of table top wargaming (other than epic Space Marine back in college), but I could be persuaded to give these rules a try.  As I mentioned, it’d be easy to tweak them a bit to turn it into a dungeon bashing boardgame.

You can dl them here for free, if you’re interested.  Cheers.


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2 Responses to “Sword & Shield Skirmish”

  1. Fenway5 Says:

    Thanks for giving them a try! I definitely wanted the RPG to be different than the miniatures game. The minis rules are not complex at all, but it is fun and quick playing! Work on the full RPG continues…

  2. edowar Says:

    I look forward to the next installment of the full rpg version.

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