Thoughts on Magic Items

I finished watching The Lost Room yesterday.  It was a SyFy mini-series from 2006, or thereabouts, about a motel room stuck in another dimension, and a bunch of seemingly mundane items, called Objects, taken from that room.  The Objects, however, could do some crazy stuff, sort of like a serious version of Warehouse 13, and they were named after what they were.  For example, The Key, The Pen, The Watch, The Clock, The Bus Ticket, etc.  Naturally, this got me thinking about magic items in D&D.

I’ve previously talked about my hypothetical campaign, where all magic items would be unique in the world.  So, for example, there’s only one bag of holding in the entire world.  Now, linking this idea back to The Lost Room, it wouldn’t be called a bag of holding, or even the bag of holding.  It would simply be known as The Bag.  Anyone familiar with magic items would see it and say “Oh, I see you have The Bag.  You know what that does, right?”  And since these items are unique, everyone and their pet monkey will be looking for them, so they develop a reputation for bringing nothing but trouble to their possessors.  Probably entire organizations, kind of like the Object cabals from the series, are dedicated to tracking down and acquiring these magic items.

Borrowing further from The Lost Room, maybe the magic items can be used to track down one another, if you know how.  Maybe if you get enough of them together, in the right combination, they do somethign really cool, like open a portal to Hell or Carcosa (little difference, really), or raise the dead or bring about the apocalypse.

Could be a lot of fun…for the GM anyways. 🙂


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    Cheers for having similar interests!

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