PFBB Summoner – Alternate Version


Here’s the “this is how I would do it” version of the Summoner class.  It ended up diverging from the core class even more than I thought it would.

I’m not a big fan of pets, especially not in complicated rpgs.  So what I did was make the eidolon an idealized spirit form of the summoner which cohabits the summoner’s body while it is present.  Thus, while present, it grants the summoner bonuses, most of which are gained by spending evolution points.

As this version is so different, you probably should not use it if you eventually plan to move on to Pathfinder Core.

PFBB Summoner – Alternate Version

Have fun.

Edit:  Forgot to mention, this form of the eidolon changes the dynamic of the Rejuvinate Eidolon spell a bit.  I’d treat it as essentially a ‘heal self’ spell, that only works while the eidolon is cohabiting the summoner’s body.


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