PFBB Oracle

Here’s the Pathfinder Beginner Box Oracle conversion.  One significant change I made is that I picked the curse and the revelations for each of the three available Mysteries.  Oracles have a lot of choices and it would have made for a rather long and complex conversion if I hadn’t made some of those choices for the player.  Naturally, feel free to house rule it if you feel differently.

PFBB Oracle

Next up is the Summoner, which I think will be a rather complex conversion.  I’m tempted to do two versions of the Summoner: one a more literal translation and the second a simpler “this is the way I would do it” version.  After that is the Magus and then the Ultimate Combat classes (unless I missed some UM classes somewhere).


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6 Responses to “PFBB Oracle”

  1. Ravenbow Says:

    Yay. Thank you. This completes my Beginner Box.

    My players and I do not care for summoners or the UC stuff.

    This is our new system of choice until Wizards releases the “next” big thing.

  2. Rebis Says:

    Screw Wizards and their next big thing. Beginner Box rocks!
    EdOWar, I am a huge fan. Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing the Summoner, Magus, and Gunslinger. I loce that you’re giving us all of the options.

    – Rich
    (aka Rebis Ouroboros on the messageboards.)

  3. Rebis Says:

    By the way, if you present a second form of the Magus, go Black Blade.
    Elric rulz, dude.

  4. Rebis Says:

    I just walked out of Staples with a hole punch so I could get them in a binder. They are VERY useful. I can’t wait for the updates…

  5. Trei Says:

    Is the link to this expired? I thought I had this saved but I don’t and I don’t see a link to the PDF anymore 😦

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