Pew! Pew! Got Lasers for your Beginner Box? Now you do!

A while back I had the idea of using the Pathfinder Beginner Box to do a conversion of Omega World.  Here’s the first part of that effort, relic weapons, done up in the Beginner Box format, like so:

These are based off the relic weapons in Omega World, with some tweaks:  I consolidated some of the weapons, changed some of the names, and added one or two new ones.

As these are done in BB format you could use them if you wanted to add a little old-school science-fantasy goodness to your BB or PF core game.

I used the following dingbats obtained from dafont for the weapon images:

I’ll gradually expand on the Omega Box concept and rules over time.  Next in the series will probably be mutants and mutations, because mutations are always fun, and you could use them in a PF game to boot!


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