Another PFBB Bard Correction


Made another minor correction to the Bard (one of the spells used INT instead of CHA for saving throw DC).  Also, somehow I missed that the Heroes Handbook already had the sleep spell, so I corrected the Bard’s version to match the HH version (except that it uses CHA instead of INT 😉 ).  Here it is.

One interesting thing I noticed about sleep is that it refers to hit dice, but no where else in the BB are hit dice mentioned, at least not for monsters.  Maybe they meant to use monster CR instead?  I’ve posted a question about it at the Paizo forums; I’ll update this post when I have an answer.

Edit:  Apparently this was answered in the BB Player’s Pack: “Turn to page 29. If the wizard’s sleep spell says “Hit Dice,” change “Hit Dice” to “character levels or CR 3.”


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