PFBB Alchemist


Here’s the promised Alchemist conversion for the Pathfinder Beginner Box.  The alchemist formulae are listed with standard spell descriptions, in case you want to use them with other classes, but it’s important to remember that an alchemist’s ‘spells’ only work on the alchemist when he or she drinks the extract (or on others if the alchemist has the Infusion discovery).  Mutagen is also simplified, giving a mess load of straight-up combat bonuses at the cost of pretty much everything not related to combat.  Enjoy!


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6 Responses to “PFBB Alchemist”

  1. Jessaferd Says:

    I’m liking all of these a lot. Really looking forward to your BB versions of the Cavalier and Witch. Will you be converting classes from other books, like the Magus or Gunslinger?

    • edowar Says:

      Thanks, I’m glad someone’s finding these useful. 🙂 I’ll get through all the classes eventually. It’ll just take time, is all. I’m working through the Advanced Players Guide right now, then I’ll get to UMM and then the UMC.

  2. Jessaferd Says:

    Excellent! I just wanted to tell you I really like this game blog. I’ve been looking for a good blog with Pathfinder content and old school sensibilities and this delivers in spades.

  3. S'mon Says:

    Looks great, thanks! I’m letting one of the players in my about-to-start BB campaign play one of these! It should fit the Yggsburgh setting well.

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