PFBB Beastiary – Ankheg, Owl Bear, Troll

Here are a few more monster conversions for Pathfinder Beginner Box.  This time I did some monsters that were a little more complex than the last bunch:  the Ankheg, Owl Bear and Troll.

One limitation of the 3×5 index card format is a lack of space to provide full descriptions for special abilities.  There was barely enough room for these three moderately complex monsters, and even then I had to take a few ‘artistic’ liberties with them.  Hopefully they’re still clear enough to understand.

Next time I’ll try some conversions for more heavy weight monsters, provided I can fit them on the 3×5 cards.

Next up:  the first class conversion from the APG:  the Alchemist (hopefully ready sometime tomorrow).



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2 Responses to “PFBB Beastiary – Ankheg, Owl Bear, Troll”

  1. Kingius Says:

    Fancy writing the stats for a Beginner Box giant scorpion and a hydra, too?

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