Another Cheap Post – 5E D&D

So, if you follow RPGs at all you probably heard yesterday that WotC officially announced that they’re working on 5th Edition D&D.  We don’t know too much yet, other than that they’re trying to cater to fans of every version of D&D, by which they presumably mean old schoolers, 3E/Pathfinder and 4E players.  There were vague words about using a modular system that allows players to add as much complexity to the game as they like, but no specifics on mechanics as yet.  They also announced public playtesting as well (see here if you’re interested).  It sounds like they already have a rough draft of the rules, as some journalists got to playtest it a bit a few weeks ago.

If they can pull this off, more power to them.  I’d probably buy it, so long as I don’t have to subscribe to anything and they don’t churn out endless rulesbooks, ala DMG 1, 2 and 3 or PHB 1, 2 and 3 (multiple Monster Manuals are fine by me though).  Just one DMG and one PHB.  I understand splat books are part of the business model – they gotta pay the bills – just so long as they don’t become anything approaching mandatory to play the game.

Anyways, I signed up for the public playtesting so I’ll give my thoughts on it here when I’m able.  Cheers.


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