SWTOR: Making Credits

Here are a few tips for those who are having money problems in SWTOR:

1) The #1 rule of making bank:  Never, ever, buy anything unless you absolutely need it.  For the most part, gear you get from drops, quest rewards or from planetary commendations will be more than sufficient to get you through to level 50.  You don’t need all blue and purple equipment, especially when it will become obsolete in a few levels anyways.  Wait until you hit level 50 to max out your gear.

2) The #2 rule of making bank:  Don’t rush through leveling your crew skills.  Your gathering skill should be sufficient to acquire the resources needed to level your crafting skill.  Crew mission skills like Diplmacy or Underworld Trading are only needed to get the rare mats to craft blues and purples, so you’ll need to level these skills eventually, but you don’t have to rush through it.  Also, only buy the crafting schematics you need for you and your companions.  Use these to level your crafting skill, and if you RE and get schematics for blue and purple versions you can try selling the upgraded versions to make a little extra cash.  Later, after you’ve maxed your crafting skill, you can work on getting the other schematics and REing them.

3) When you hit level 25, plunk down 48,000 credits for speeder training and a new speeder.  The later maps become quite large and a speeder will help you complete quests faster, which in turn will help you earn more credits.  Thus, the expense is really an investment.  However, do not buy Speeder II training when you hit level 40.  The cost is 210,000 credits (plus the cost of a new speeder), and you only go a little bit faster.  Save the speeder upgrade for later when you have the spare cash.

4) Be sure to do your daily space missions.  Good XP, good credits.  Even after the missions stop giving XP, they still pay the same amount of credits (and space commendations).  And new bonus missions open up as you level, giving more xp and credits.

5) Sell everything.  Try putting greens up on the GTN at least once…they may sell, and you’ll get more than a vendor will give you. Sell spare resources on the GTN as well.  Loot all that junk, too, and vendor it.  It really adds up.

6) You don’t have to train every class skill.  They get quite expensive at higher levels (around 32,000 each at level 46-47).  If you find there’s a skill you don’t use much, don’t pay to train it.  You can always go back later and pick it up when you have more credits, if you like.

7) Odds are you’ll have one companion that is best for combat.  That’s the only companion you need to worry about outfitting, and as with your character, the rewards you get from quests should be more than sufficient to keep them combat effective.  Don’t spend any credits outfitting your main combat companion, at least not until you hit level 50.

I think that about covers it.  Have fun.


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