My Cheatin’ Post

I promised myself that I’d post more often in December than I did in November.  So here we are at the end of December and I only have two more days to make good on that promise, which I’ve done with this post.  Mission accomplished.  It’s kind of a cheatin’ way to do it, but at least it’s done.

However, to offer a bit of substance, I was thinking the other day about very rules-lite rpgs, particularly one-page RPGs like Searchers of the Unknown (and all the other one-page RPGs it inspired).  It got me to thinking, if we can put a reasonably functional RPG on one page, why not one in a single blot post as well?  Granted, it’d be a fairly long post, but probably come to fewer total words than SotU.  And I wouldn’t expect it to have fully detailed spell or monster lists.  But I would expect it to have simple, but workable, mechanics and provide the means for GMs to fill in what they need as they go.  My next post, later today or maybe this weekend, will be my version of a Single-Post RPG.



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