SWTOR Crafting – Getting Schematics

I took a look at this blog’s stats and noticed December 27th was the busiest day yet.  More than one person found there way here doing searches for how to get crafting schematics in SWTOR.  So I thought, why not help out?

There are four ways to get crafting schematics in SWTOR (that I’m aware of).

1) The most common method is to simply buy them from your crafting skill vendor, located on the fleet base and most major settlements.  As you level up your crafting skill, new schematics become available, so you’ll have to return to the vendor periodically to buy new, higher-level schematics.

A word of advice on buying schematics…don’t buy them all.  Most of them are useless, especially at lower levels, and you’ll likely go broke trying to keep up.  Just buy (and RE) the ones you need for your toon or your companions, and forget the rest, at least until you start to craft mid-20 stuff (Biochem implants have done well for me starting around level 29).  Once you get close to maxing out your crafting skill, you can think about buying all the schematics and then REing them.

2) Which leads to the second most common way to get new schematics:  reverse engineering.  When you RE something you’ve crafted, there’s a chance you’ll get a new schematic for an improved version (it is automatically added to your list of schematics).  Then you can RE the improved ‘blue’ version for a chance to get an even better ‘purple’ version.  At low levels it only takes around 6-8 attempts to get a better schematic, but at higher levels it seems to take more attempts (not 100% certain on that though).  At low levels, RE can be a good way to get more resources back to craft more items and level a little faster.  At higher levels you may be better off selling the stuff, depending on what you’re making (in Biochem medkits and buffs don’t seem to sell worth a damn, but implants sell well).

For the most part, I’d only RE mid-range stuff that you can use on your toons or your companions.  Once you’ve maxed out your crafting skill, then RE to get purples to sell (presumably you’d have the credits to afford to do this by then).

3) The third most common way to get schematics is through crew missions, specifically Investigation, Slicing and maybe Underworld Trading (not sure about this one).  These schematics are not BoP, so you can also purchase them on the GTN if you lack the appropriate crew mission skill.

4) Finally, some schematics drop off mobs in the world.  If you’re looking for advice on what mobs drop which schematics, sorry I can’t help you.  You may want to check a SWTOR database, like Torhead.

However, I’m sure some of them are super rare schematics that only drop in raids.  Why?  Well, WoW does it, so why the hell not SWTOR, right? =\

Anyways, hope this post has been of some use.  Cheers.


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9 Responses to “SWTOR Crafting – Getting Schematics”

  1. Dom Says:

    very helpful, thanks

  2. Morgain Says:

    Great introductory guide. For more specific information about how schematics improve through reverse-engineering, this is a nice followup: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=530

  3. Bryan Says:

    Thanks I started forgetting about better and new schematics after looking at the kiosk but this gives me more hope 🙂

  4. edowar Says:

    You’re welcome. 🙂 When the 1.2 patch goes live there’ll be a bunch of new schematics, including new RE ones.

  5. Toscim Says:

    Great post!

    Underworld Trading sometimes have schematics as loot. I think it’s from the gift option, abundant (not 100% sure). I’ve received a couple orange, customizable schematics which was very useful early on (only required 20 in skill). Thought I’d add my 2 bits.


  6. Gingermenace Says:

    Thanks! Been looking of a while on how to get new schematics, all I keep coming across is ways to level your crafting quickly… Which is useless without decent things to actually craft. Once again thank you

    • edowar Says:

      You’re welcome, though this post is nearly a year old by now. I haven’t played SWTOR in a while now, so I’m not sure how relevant it still is.

  7. Chad Cloman Says:

    There is another way to get schematics. There is a vendor in the Crew Skill area of the fleet that sells advanced (artifact-level) schematics for basic commendations and other stuff. Can’t buy these with credits.

    • edowar Says:

      Cool, that sounds new. I haven’t played SWTOR in about a year or so. I’m sure there have been a lot of new additions in that time.

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