RPG Settings

Following are a couple of RPG settings I doodled out one day.  Haven’t had a chance to use them yet, but maybe someone else will like them and put them to use.


Bazaar of Feasts

Sealed off from the outside world, this strange market is open only to those who know how to gain access.  However, the bazaar has no known doors, gates, windows, tunnels or mundane portals of any kind.  Thus, gaining access is sufficient proof alone that one belongs in the bazaar.

To those who can get in, the Bazaar of Feasts offers every passing decadence, immorality, illegality, pleasure, luxury, good and service.  Most proprietors do not fancy gold or gems; exotica are the medium of exchange within the bazaar.

The sun barely shines during the day; torches and lamps provide murky light at night.  While filled with all manner of the bizarre, the shops and stalls themselves appear nondescript, run-down and seedy even.

It is best if one knows specifically what they are looking for and where to find it, for blindly stumbling around the bazaar is a dangerous business.  All manner of shady affairs takes place there, and sometimes customers don’t leave the bazaar…ever.  “Window shopping” is discouraged.

Order is maintained by the Dukari, a corps of extra-dimensional enforcers.  They eject trouble makers, execute thieves and go to any extent necessary to retrieve stolen property (the definition of ‘stolen’ and ‘property’ can be quite flexible to certain of the merchants of the Feast).


The Graveyard

The blasted wasteland called The Graveyard extends scores of miles in all directions.  The Graveyard was the site of a great battle, some say the last battle of the Apocalypse.  As such, it is filled with ghosts of the Ancients who fought, and died, there.

The rusted hulks of massive war machines lie everywhere, in ruin.  No animals live there and no plants can grow there, not even a single blade of grass.  It is said the Ancients unleashed their most terrible weapons in the Final Battle, poisoning the area for all time.

Despite its name, The Graveyard is not completely dead.  The machine ghosts of the Ancients are still fighting their war, constantly patrolling and alert for any sign of their enemy.  Any creature or thing that cannot be identified as a friend is classified as a hostile and subject to immediate termination.

Despite the dangers, many brave The Graveyard in search of relics and salvage that can be repaired or put to good use.  But few have penetrated to the Graveyard’s heart, where the greatest treasures are said to be found.


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