SWTOR Crafting

Originally I dismissed crafting in SWTOR as, more or less, a clone of WoW’s crafting system.  While that is fundamentally true, there is more to it than I originally thought.

I’ve played quite a few MMO’s, and one of the things I like to do most is craft.  The robustness of the crafting system is one of the standards that I measure any MMO by, and in my experience Star Wars Galaxies crafting was, by far, the best system yet implemented (even after the NGE debacle).

SWTOR’s system takes the basic WoW-style crafting model of get schematic, find resources and combine into a finished good, then adds a new wrinkle to it in the form of reverse engineering, which I’ve mentioned previously.  Reverse engineering your own crafted items has a chance of providing a new schematic for a slightly improved version of that item (i.e. RE a green item to get a slightly better blue item).  Then, if you RE that blue item, you have a chance of learning a schematic for an even better version of the item (i.e. a ‘purple’ item).  Something else that is nice about RE, though it takes some effort to get a ‘purple’ schematic, it doesn’t take days and days of grinding.  You can usually get it within a dozen attempts.

(For those unaware of how MMO’s grade items, a color code is used where ‘white’ items are the basic form, ‘green’ are slightly improved, ‘blue’ are a little better than green and ‘purple’ is the best, or close to the best (depending on the system there could be one or two better grades than purple)).

The form of the improvement varies depending on what you are crafting.  For example, Biochem can ultimately make reusable ‘purple’ medkits, so once you have one you never have to buy that type of medkit again.  Weapons and armor, however, add new stats or even mod slots, which allow a user to modifier the item as they see fit.  Thus, when you RE something, you have a chance to learn different variants of that item, then when you RE those variants you have a chance to learn even more variants.  In other words, there’s a lot of variability and it seems to me that it would take great deal of expense and effort for someone to master every variant of an item at every quality level.  This is a good thing, in my book, because it means that instead of everyone making exactly the same items, different crafters will have different schematics, and thus a degree of differenation even within the same crafting profession.

It gets even better, though.  Crafters also have a chance of creating a mastercraft version of an item,which includes additional bonus, or possibly a mod slot.  Therefore, every crafter has a chance to create items that are, if not quite unique, at least highly distinctive and rare.  This gives everyone a chance to compete, provided they’re willing to put some effort into it and can find a way to differentiate themselves.

So, while SWTOR’s crafting systme isn’t quite as robust as the SWG gold standard of crafting, it still presents a very engaging system with plenty of room to explore and create unique and interesting items.


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