SWTOR Space Game

So, I’m totally sucked into the awesome that is Star Wars The Old Republic, but I’ve mentioned this before when I participated in a couple of beta weekends.

One aspect I’ve really come to like is the space game.  Many have derided it as a crappy arcade rail shooter, and there is no denying that it is indeed a rail shooter.  But, I feel, it is a particularly well done Star Warsy rail shooter.

Primarily I like it because it is easy to grasp and play and lets you concentrate just on blowing stuff up and enjoying the terrific scenery.  It has a very cinematic feel to it, whether you’re dodging asteroids or weaving between capital ships in a massive space battle.  The space missions also give nice XP and tons of credits, which is also nice. 🙂

However, the system isn’t perfect.  In beta I played a Republic trooper and got to try out the first five space missions.  I was quite disappointed to discover that as Empire, you play the exact same space missions.  Even though you’re on the other side, you still have the exact same objectives.  Everything is pretty much the same, except the way the ships look.  I was really hoping for different space missions on each side.

Another disappointment is that, being a rail shooter they are all scripted.  The only variable really is what you blow up when (or what blows you up when).  It would be nice if the missions were designed to throw in a little variability, say for example randomizing the timing of a fighter wing or the arrival of a frigate or destroyer.  That would reduce the predictability, make them a bit more challenging and increase their replayability.  However, not being a programmer, I have no idea how difficult this would be to do.

The devs have mentioned big plans for space combat in the future, so hopefully some of my concerns can be addressed.  And maybe they can add multiplayer to the space game.  A little PVP might be nice, too.


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