PF Beginner Box: Monster Reference Cards

I made these a while back, but finally got around to printing a few out:

You too can make your own monster cards if you like:

1) Do print screen of a PDF of the monster stats, one page at a time

2) Save the print screen in Paint or similar program

3) Crop each monster separately and cut or copy; there are two monsters per page so this will take a little time

4) Paste into MS Word then adjust size to fit a 3×5 index card (I used diminions 2.9 x 4.9, then adjusted for best fit).  For a 3×5 card you’ll be able to fit 3 per page.

5) These are printed out on Avery white index cards (product code 5388) using the Avery template for 3×5 cards that I downloaded from here.

The Avery cards can be a touch pricey, so you can just print them out on regular (cheaper) cardstock and cut them out by hand.

I also tried shrinking them down to business card size, but that was too small to be legible.  A standard trading card size might work well.

Here’s a close up of a card:


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