Pathfinder MMO

Paizo’s announced a deal to make a Pathfinder-based MMO.  Wow! (no pun intended…really)  I knew they were stomping WotC on game books, but jumping into the MMO business, too?  Just…wow.

Reading their blog entry on it, it sounds like it will have a lot of sandbox elements, something most MMO’s have been moving away from since WoW came along.  Start towns, build castles, be the ‘best’ crafter on your server, found nations, fight wars.  That’s all stuff I can get behind, and if they can pull that off I’d play it in a heartbeat…especially if I can play a PF Goblin.  Pathfinder Goblins just rock.

Of course, it’ll be years before it goes to market, so who knows how it will evolve along the way.  Still, pretty cool news.  This is something I’ll be keeping my eye on.


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