Pawns & Tokens Working Together

I originally bought the 4E Monster Vault tokens as a cheaper alternative to miniatures.  And then Paizo comes along and puts out a bunch of high quality pawns with their new Beginner Box, which imo are vastly superior to the MV tokens.  Paizo’s said they plan to release more pawns, but it will probably take them a while to get it done.

So in the meantime it occurred to me that I could stick the MV tokens into the plastic stands that came with the BB.  The tokens are about the same thickness as the BB pawns, so they fit just fine.  Obviously the tokens don’t stand as tall as the pawns, and the pawns are easier to recognize.  But it is an expedient stop gap until Paizo gets around to putting out more pawns and, to me at least, it looks better than mixing flat tokens with standing pawns.


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