Omega Box Hit Points

Omega World has a mechanic called ‘reserve points’, which is sort of a proto-version of 4E second wind.  Reserve points effectively double a PC’s hit points, but they don’t get them all at once.  Instead, lost hit points are gradually replenished over time from the character’s reserve points.  It’s an interesting method for improving a character’s survivability.  However, it seems like an awful lot of book keeping to me.

I’m tempted to just double a character’s hit points and leave it at that, but there are two potential problems that I can see: 1) Doubling a 1st-level character’s hit points probably doesn’t help quite enough, especially not in the face of relic weapons that do anything from 3d6 to 6d6 damage and 2) at higher levels doulbing hit points might be too much.

As an alternative I think I’ll just let do away with ‘reserve points’ and just have characters add their Consitution scores to their starting hit points (sort of what Microlite20 does).  It gives starting characters a good boost, but has reduced impact over time as the character advances.


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